Love at First Bite
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Love at First Bite

When the team at Cedar & Pine Bar first laid eyes on the team from The Small Crop, it was Love At First Bite. Thus began an epic love story which stretched across the Pine Street crossing, and has evolved into one of the greatest Bayside love stories since Farley & Sons.

This Valentine's Day, you're invited to share in their love, for a night full of amazing food and wine, with the one you love! And for those who have no one to love, we will have a share table that we will fill with love!
Your Love at First Bite Share Menu is $80 for each couple and includes:
Mezze plate with beetroot tzatziki, fresh made flat bread, olives and pickled vegetables.
Hot smoked beef, small crop salads and sticky plum sauce.
Lemon myrtle panna cotta, saffron poached fruit and rose water biscuit.
A bottle of Estandon Heritage Cotes De Provence Rosé.

Gluten Free, Vegan & Vegetarian Options will be easily catered for by contacting 0416160244 to discuss.

We have seating available for 2 people [ how romantic ] 4 people [ think double date ] and a share table for singles [ way better than tinder ]
Bookings are essential and can be made in person at the bar, via Eventbrite, or by contacting 0416160244 with your credit card details ready.

Love will be in the air when our door opens at 4pm, with Love at First Bite served at 7pm.

Link for tickets:

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Mother's Day Graze Away
5:00 AM05:00

Mother's Day Graze Away

Graze away with us this Sunday to celebrate all things Mum. 

We'll create the perfect Sunday afternoon with a Cheese Grazing Table AND a Dessert Table too, where you can graze away all afternoon for $20. 

Live Music from the lovely Little Nix will also include the opportunity for you to sing, because we love a good Open Mic afternoon! 

Grab some girlfriends, 'invite' some on this event, or just drop in on your own and make some new friends. 

Book a table, or let us know you’re dropping in, by calling or texting 0416160244. 

See you Sunday!

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THR3E Royal Birthday
2:00 PM14:00

THR3E Royal Birthday

Obviously Prince Harry & Megan Markle overlooked the real Event of the Year when choosing their Wedding date! And with only a couple of weeks until the Royal nuptials, if you haven't received your invitation yet, chances are you didn't make the cut! 
Don't be too disappointed though, because you and your Plus 1 are invited to celebrate Cedar & Pine's THIRD Birthday is Royal Style! 

So dig out your wedding dress, find a tiara, a bridesmaid dress, or one of your favourite 'Suits' and make your way to our very own Wynnum Palace- 139 Bay Terrace, on May 19th from 6pm for what promises to be a Birthday Wedding Ceremony fit for a Queen! 

We'll play the Wedding on the big screen, discuss in our best Brittish accents the uncanny resemblance of the Royal Couple and Mali and Ed! We'll close our kitchen and shout you scone flavoured Pizza, our Photo Booth will work overtime- you just may end up on the front cover of the Wynnum Herald! There'll be some big Elton John moments from our Live Musicians and obviously we'll have to get our Bridal Waltz on at some stage throughout the evening. 

And when the Wedding is over, we'll raise a glass together to celebrate THR3E years of times like these- where we've gathered to eat, drink, sing and dance our nights away with those we love.

RSVP to or call/text 0416160244.

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Storytellers: Actually I Can!
9:30 AM09:30

Storytellers: Actually I Can!

What better way to celebrate QLD Women’s Week & International Women’s Day than with a Cedar & Pine event that brings together a group of amazing women for a night of Storytelling (and maybe a glass or two of wine!) 

Join us on Tuesday night, March 6th for our “ Actually, I Can” evening where our Storytellers will share with you their inspiring stories of courage, strength and determination on the road to achieving their successes. 

Dress up a little (do something nice for you!) grab a few girlfriends or bring your daughters for a night designed to motiviate, inspire, connect and celebrate women. 

$25 - Drink on arrival and light finger food provided. 

Tickets are essential and can be booked here:


Every girl has a fire in her belly. Tanya Meessmann fans that flame through her dynamic ‘Girl Shaped Flames’ initiative. Listen to her story, why she started the programme that changes young girl’s lives and how she devotes her time to inspiring teen girls to be brave and push a little harder to achieve anything they are after. 

Michelle Young has been a fire fighter with the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services since 1995. One of the first Urban Female fire fighters in Queensland, Michelle's career has been littered with firsts. She became the first female station officer in 2001, the first female Inspector in 2008 and the first female Superintendent in 2015. Now a Chief Superintendant, and the highest operational ranked fire fighter in Australasia, Michelle’s story will definitely ignite a fire of determination in you! 

Superintendent Nelson has a lengthy and distinguished career in the Queensland Police Service and has made a significant contribution to policing.Recognised as an innovative leader who has contributed significantly to developing the capability of women in policing and growing women in leadership within the organisation, Inspector Nelson won the prestigious 2016 Telstra Australian Business Women’s Public Sector and Academia Award.  
As a female commissioned officer representing just 0.3 per cent of the organisation, there’s a fair chance Virginia’s story will inspire you to overcome any barrier stopping you from achieving your goals. 

Growing up in elite sport throughout the time where social media and the pressure to ‘be thin’ began to boom, has meant that Annie has had first hand experience of just how powerful negative self image and body image can be to the adolescent brain. This experience, her current studies and coaching young women not only in Gymnastics but in general health has enabled Annie to create a well being program called INSPIRE, specifically catered for teenagers and young adults- not at all bad for a 22 year old! Annie will share with you her story and provide some great examples of how best to support and nurture the well being of your daughters. 

Three-time Olympian and double Bronze Medallist Bronwen Knox is Australia's highest capped Water Polo player and one of Australia’s most successful athletes, representing the country in 300+ International Games. Currently training to make her forth Olympic Games in 2020, Bronwen is more than an Olympic Champion- you will be equally impressed by what she does outside the pool too! 

Be Inspired. Be Empowered.

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Single All The Way
7:00 AM07:00

Single All The Way

If you're single and want a Christmas mingle, then Cedar & Pine Bar have a Sunday afternoon just for you!  

Our Single All The Way Party is a great opportunity to casually hang out in our beer garden, listen to some live music and mingle with other singles this festive season. 

This C&P organised event is an opportunity for all ages/genders to gather in a safe and comfortable environment and meet some new people face to face. The bar will function as normal with Live Music, Food & Drinks, so please invite your wingmen and women if you need the moral support to get you out of your comfort zone! 

Please spread the word and 'invite' all your single friends and please indicate you are 'going' to ensure we can best staff and cater to the event. 

See you under the mistletoe!

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Storytellers: With Hope in our Hearts.
9:00 AM09:00

Storytellers: With Hope in our Hearts.


Hope: to cherish a desire with anticipation, to want something to happen or be true. 

You only have to turn on the news each night and your screen is full of the latest terror attack or suicide bombing. The bloodshed, the innocent lives lost, the fear. With every headline the words 'Muslim' 'Arab' and 'Islam' are always spoken of. It's not easy to sit in front of your television and not associate 'Muslims' with the inhumanity and insanity. 

For Muslims living in the West, it can't be easy either. When the world is constantly pointing their fingers at ALL Muslims. It can't be easy to stay attached to your faith, make friends, gain employment, raise children and navigate an increasingly hostile world.

Cedar & Pine Bar is proud to bring some beautiful Muslim women together for an evening of Storytelling, because despite the images you see in your newsfeeds, these women have stories too. They are mothers, daughters, sisters, colleagues, and friends. These stories are ones we ALL know; the struggle or raising kids, marriage breakdowns, equality in the workplace, trying to find your place in society.

Our Storytellers:

Lamisse Hamouda is a youth worker, writer and founder of the Southside Poetry Slam in Brisbane. She has a Bachelor degree in Government & International Relations, and is currently undertaking a Graduate Diploma in Sexology. Lamisse has been an active community member in her capacity as a youth worker, and a Muslim woman, for many years. It wasn't easy coming of age in a post-9/11 world as mixed-race Muslim woman in Australia, so Lamisse will share her journey of stumbling through an identity crisis, running away to the Middle East, finding feminism, and her way back to Islam.

Roba Rayan is lawyer, activist and a mother. Roba is the co-founder of the Muslim Legal Network in Queensland. Palestinian by heritage, Roba has been a dedicated force as the former secretary, and ongoing member, of PACSI (Palestinian Culture Arts and Sports Inc). As a lawyer, Roba works to assist survivors of sexual abuse, and people who experience mental illness or disability. Roba will share her insight into trauma, healing and resilience; reflecting on her experiences as a mother of raising a resilient child in our increasingly challenging world.

Noor Gillani is a final year Journalism Student who is enthusiastic about the entertainment industries, social welfare and humanitarianism. She has a keen interest in the many controversial religious and political debates, which continue to float around the public sphere. She is also a feminist; an activist and all those other words that sometimes make people’s blood boil, and spends a fair bit of her spare time singing. She may even sing for us on the night!

Leila Abukar is a Somali-Australian political activist who will share with us her story of living for years in refugee camps. Since being granted admission to Australia, Leila has gone to exceptional lengths to make sure she's never a 'barrier to herself.' From the age of 12 Leila volunteered with the UN, campaigned against female circumcision, worked for the Howard government and has been recognised for her community work with a Centenary Medal for her contributions to Crisis Counseling, Advocacy and Settlement for the Somalia and African communities in Queensland.

Tiffany Weber has worked in various political spheres and is currently working for the Queensland Labor Government. She grew up in rural Queensland and came to Brisbane for university where she completed a Bachelor of Arts in History and Islamic Studies at Griffith University in 2014. After years of searching for meaning she converted to Islam in 2012. She will discuss the impacts of media in trying to reconcile identity and relationships among increasingly negative media portrayals of Muslims.

These women have a voice and when you listen to their stories, you will see for yourself that they too have hopes in their hearts.

Tickets are essential and can be purchased here:

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Social Media Uncovered
to Mar 9

Social Media Uncovered

Have you got a great business, but struggle to make sense of how to tell the world about it? You're not alone, and we want to help! 

Cedar & Pine Bar present Benjamin Reeves & Josiah Lau from Just Media Design who will share with you industry insights across national and international brands and how you can tactically apply their learnings directly to your business no matter how big or small your business is. You will walk away with the foundational understanding of the social media landscape and how to leverage it to your businesses advantage.
Just Media Design are a social first digital agency having national brand both in domestic and international markets. Currently working with brands such as Michael Hill, Flight Centre and Suncorp, it's now your turn to benefit from their expertise, which will see you learn:

- Fundamentals of Social Media Marketing
- How to get started Marketing Your Business
- What to do when it's not working.
- Organic content versus Paid advertising
- The only metrics that matter to your businesses bottom line
- Best practice to creating content for Social
- Real Lead Generation Case Studies

You will also have the opportunity to have your burning questions answered in a live Q&A session. 

Doors open at 5.30pm- full kitchen and bar facilities will be available, with presentation beginnning at 6.30pm.

Tickets are $20 and include a drink on arrival.

Purchase your ticket now and take the first step of learning how best to tell the world about your business!


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1:30 PM13:30

Two Flawed Girls- Love Yourself

Will you be YOUR Valentine? That's right, this year we're putting a different spin on Valentine's Day because we want you to celebrate and love YOURSELF just the way you are! 

Love yourself?? How is that possible we hear you ask, what is there to love, you're automatically thinking? We all do it- we so easily think the worst of who we are, and somehow believe it's unattainable to love and value ourselves. 

We want that to change. Enter Two Flawed Girls...How about instead of striving for perfection as we often do, we learn how to love ourselves just the way we are? How about a night where we can be real, raw, honest, embarrassing, kind, open, vulnerable, crazy … and perfectly flawed! 

How about a night that will have you believe in YOU and love yourself because of your flaws, not despite of them. 
Cedar & Pine Bar is proud to present Alli and Rachael, AKA Two Flawed Girls to bring you an evening that will do exactly that! 

Two Flawed girls tour the country with their empowering show, and we are delighted to be able to bring them to Cedar & Pine Bar. Tickets include a drink on arrival and kitchen and bar facilities will be available. 

Book now, tell some girlfriends, and be part of a night of entertainment and inspiration, a night to feel good about YOU, a night full of laughter, inspiring stories, maybe a few tears (happy and sad), make a new friend or two, and most importantly a night that will be full of LOVE, - it is Valentine's Day after all.  

Purchase your ticket here:

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Feast Middle East
10:00 AM10:00

Feast Middle East

What better way to finish off our 'Around The World' series, than to head to Mali's homeland to celebrate all things Middle Eastern. 

For all its conflicts, controversy and tragedy, the Middle East is equally vibrant and colorful, oozing with history, spirituality and some of the finest cuisine in the world! 

Feast Middle East will bring a touch of magic to Wynnum where your $50 ticket gives you a drink on arrival and two hours to feast on Brisbane Chef Tomas Armstrong's take on of some of the Middle East's most traditional dishes. You will experience for yourself how food brings people together, sharing stories and laughter as you feast around the one table with strangers who will become friends by night's end. 

Be entertained with some traditional Arabic music, and don't play shy if the belly dancer asks you for a dance! 

Book your ticket now to share in a night of feasting and festivities to celebrate the people, traditions, culture and the beauty that is the Middle East. 

To book, follow the link below:


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Cocktails & Cupcakes
4:00 AM04:00

Cocktails & Cupcakes

Motherhood. Powered by love. Fueled by coffee. Sustained by alcohol. Yes. What better way to celebrate Motherhood and all its highs and lows than with a cocktail in one hand and cake in the other. 

Join us for Cedar & Pine's take on a Mother's Day afternoon tea, with your choice of one of our signature cocktails, all the cake your heart desires PLUS we have your Monday morning coffee fix sorted too! 

Grab a few mums, frock up a little, catch up with some old friends and meet some new ones too. And as always, there will be plenty of fun and surprises.

We'll help you forget about the ironing and the lunch boxes for a couple of hours. All you need to do is decide whether you'll have an Espresso Martini, a Cosmo...or both! 

Spread the word, invite some mummas and book now.

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