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Storytellers: With Hope in our Hearts.


Hope: to cherish a desire with anticipation, to want something to happen or be true. 

You only have to turn on the news each night and your screen is full of the latest terror attack or suicide bombing. The bloodshed, the innocent lives lost, the fear. With every headline the words 'Muslim' 'Arab' and 'Islam' are always spoken of. It's not easy to sit in front of your television and not associate 'Muslims' with the inhumanity and insanity. 

For Muslims living in the West, it can't be easy either. When the world is constantly pointing their fingers at ALL Muslims. It can't be easy to stay attached to your faith, make friends, gain employment, raise children and navigate an increasingly hostile world.

Cedar & Pine Bar is proud to bring some beautiful Muslim women together for an evening of Storytelling, because despite the images you see in your newsfeeds, these women have stories too. They are mothers, daughters, sisters, colleagues, and friends. These stories are ones we ALL know; the struggle or raising kids, marriage breakdowns, equality in the workplace, trying to find your place in society.

Our Storytellers:

Lamisse Hamouda is a youth worker, writer and founder of the Southside Poetry Slam in Brisbane. She has a Bachelor degree in Government & International Relations, and is currently undertaking a Graduate Diploma in Sexology. Lamisse has been an active community member in her capacity as a youth worker, and a Muslim woman, for many years. It wasn't easy coming of age in a post-9/11 world as mixed-race Muslim woman in Australia, so Lamisse will share her journey of stumbling through an identity crisis, running away to the Middle East, finding feminism, and her way back to Islam.

Roba Rayan is lawyer, activist and a mother. Roba is the co-founder of the Muslim Legal Network in Queensland. Palestinian by heritage, Roba has been a dedicated force as the former secretary, and ongoing member, of PACSI (Palestinian Culture Arts and Sports Inc). As a lawyer, Roba works to assist survivors of sexual abuse, and people who experience mental illness or disability. Roba will share her insight into trauma, healing and resilience; reflecting on her experiences as a mother of raising a resilient child in our increasingly challenging world.

Noor Gillani is a final year Journalism Student who is enthusiastic about the entertainment industries, social welfare and humanitarianism. She has a keen interest in the many controversial religious and political debates, which continue to float around the public sphere. She is also a feminist; an activist and all those other words that sometimes make people’s blood boil, and spends a fair bit of her spare time singing. She may even sing for us on the night!

Leila Abukar is a Somali-Australian political activist who will share with us her story of living for years in refugee camps. Since being granted admission to Australia, Leila has gone to exceptional lengths to make sure she's never a 'barrier to herself.' From the age of 12 Leila volunteered with the UN, campaigned against female circumcision, worked for the Howard government and has been recognised for her community work with a Centenary Medal for her contributions to Crisis Counseling, Advocacy and Settlement for the Somalia and African communities in Queensland.

Tiffany Weber has worked in various political spheres and is currently working for the Queensland Labor Government. She grew up in rural Queensland and came to Brisbane for university where she completed a Bachelor of Arts in History and Islamic Studies at Griffith University in 2014. After years of searching for meaning she converted to Islam in 2012. She will discuss the impacts of media in trying to reconcile identity and relationships among increasingly negative media portrayals of Muslims.

These women have a voice and when you listen to their stories, you will see for yourself that they too have hopes in their hearts.

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