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Cedar & Pine Bar

Fall (G)in Love

Fall (G)in Love

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There's a lot to be said for Valentine's Day, so we hope you say it all on February 14th, because true love awaits you the following night- Thursday, February 15th, when you will Fall (G)in Love with our Ink Gin Tasting Masterclass.

The night begins exactly like a fairytale- you walk in to a bar and there's a drink waiting with your name on it!  Out of nowhere, a tall, red headed, Husk Distillery host, will lock eyes with you, before seducing you with a brief love story about the history of gin-there's a Taytay song in there somewhere.

Before you know it, you'll realise it's you- you're the problem, as you wrap your lips around four different tasting gins, trying new and exciting gins until something hits the spot.

You can't fall asleep just yet, because our kitchen will be open and you may want to eat some nipples while your host continues to talk to you about other gin stuff, like 'botanicals' and 'garnishes'- sure to turn anyone on. 

But like all great gin stories, this night starts coming to an end just as you start seeing the red flags, but not before you make a gin based Cocktail- literally the only way you'll get a cocktail around here. Make it, drink it, then act like in never happened.

Love is love though, so come on your own, with your lover, mother, sister, or Tinder date. 

Who knows, you could get lucky and go home with a gin. 

Fall (G)in Love.
Thursday, February 15th, 6.30pm.
$30 per person




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    139 Bay Terrace

    Wynnum 4178


    Ph 0416 160 244


    Mon-Wed          Closed
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