It's been really hard to find the right words to adequately tell you "about us," so I asked my boyfriend to help me out, but then I remembered I don't have one. So I thought it would be a pretty sweet sentiment if my teenage kids would put their words here, given one day the bar might be theirs,  but "It's fully lit, brah" doesn't really resonate with our clientele. I then hired a journalist for the job, but their words were too predictable- "food, drinks, entertainment," so obviously that didn't make the cut. I thought of plagiarising some of the best ''about us" pages on the Internet, but "cut and paste" doesn't work on this particular website platform. I even asked the Wynnum locals to help describe the bar to someone who has never been before, "It's the best bar in Brisbane" was what they came up with- fkn' biased bunch, really.  So maybe this "about" page is still a work in progress until I find the right words; or until you just come to the bar yourself, and help find them with me.  Mali x


    139 Bay Terrace

    Wynnum 4178


    Ph 0416 160 244
    e: hello@cedarandpinebar.com


    Mon-Wed          Closed
    Thu-Sun            4pm 'til late