If you are thinking of having a celebration, or have already booked in your party, please read ALL of the following information. ALL OF IT. If you read it all and still want to see my face, see the bar, require any further information, or would like to go ahead and lock in a date, please contact me -Mali- directly on 0416 160 244 anytime on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday.  It is best to TEXT your bookings and enquiries. Once your booking is confirmed, please stop stressing and know without any doubt that you have NOTHING to worry about as long as you’ve read ALL the following information.You will be contacted on the Monday before your function to finalise your booking.

We love to party at Cedar & Pine Bar, and we love helping you create a special event that you’ll always remember. We strive to do this by making the whole process easy, affordable and fun! Your event is special, and we want you to enjoy every moment you’re at the bar with your family & friends. 

Choose from two event spaces- THE BEER GARDEN or INSIDE BAR or take both! Both are perfect for cocktail style events. You can also book a seated event in our LOUNGE area. 

The Beer Garden is comfortable for 70-80 people, The INSIDE BAR 25-30, and the LOUNGE 15-20. 

We have no venue hire fee- our bar is your bar. We just simply ask that you love it and look after it as much as we do. We also have no minimum spends- whether it’s food or drinks, we won’t ask you to spend a certain amount.

At no times does Cedar & Pine Bar close to the public, so if your event is one that you’d rather hold behind closed doors, we might not be the venue for you. Our Beer Garden can hold 80 people, and is provided to you with no venue hire fee and no minimum spend, therefore CAN HOST MULTIPLE FUNCTIONS AT THE SAME TIME. For patrons in the bar, access to our bathrooms also involves walking through the Beer Garden. It is VERY important that you and your guests understand this, and essential that you come and see the venue before booking your party if you've never been here before.

We trade to the public Thursday to Sunday from 4pm 'til late and generally large group functions can be booked for:

Friday Night 6pm ‘til midnight 

Saturday Afternoon 3pm ‘til 7pm 

Saturday Night 7pm ‘til midnight

Sunday Afternoon 3pm ‘til midnight

We can definitely host your party outside of these days and times- just ask us! 

In the event of rain, the back half of the Beer Garden is sheltered, or you can move inside the bar. We think dancing in the rain is the best option though! You are also welcome to bring in and install a marquee or gazebo for your event. We have industrial fans in the Beer Garden during the hot months, and gas heaters when it gets a little chilly, but it never hurts to inform your guests to rug up! 

The Beer Garden is a NO SMOKING OR VAPING area and we ask you to inform your guests of this. Our designated Smoking area is located at the front of the bar on our “footpath tables.” 

FOOD We have plenty of options to suit your style or budget: 

Cedar & Pine Food 

We provide a delicious selection of gourmet finger food platters served throughout your event.All platters are $80 each and have approximately 50 pieces of cocktail style offerings such as Samosas, Arancini Balls, Spring Rolls, Pies, Quiches,  Meatballs and plenty of other yummy surprises! Yes, we can offer Gluten Free, Vegan Friendly and Vegetarian platters at the same price, or we are happy to feed guests with food intolerances their own individual serving of food- we tolerate all intolerances!


We are more than happy for you to cater food for your group. You would need to supply EVERYTHING you require including plates and cutlery. You will also have to take away any leftovers and/or rubbish with you.You don’t have access to using our kitchen.

Outside Catering NO CHARGE

We are happy to have catering companies set up, cook or deliver food in the Beer Garden, as long as I get a serve! You will organise the food and payment directly with them, however they must call me at some stage to go through the logistics and set up.

We are happy to work with any catering company you choose, these are a few we've had before:

The Spanish Catering - 0432 577 973. 

Joe The Paella Guy- 0404 334 321.

The Tasty Pocket-0432 178 609

Pizza Land- 3393 4603

Munja Pizza- 3396 2055


You are welcome to bring a cake for your celebration, and where possible we will store it prior to serving, however our fridges are often very full, and are a maximum of 45cm in height, so it is best to not rely on our fridges. Staff are happy to cut and serve your cake on a board. If you would prefer your cake to be served on individual plates you can bring in paper plates. We have no ‘cakeage’ fees therefore it is highly recommended that you save me a piece of your cake- especially if it’s a Cheesecake! 

We are able to organise cakes/desserts/chocolate boards for your celebration.


We have a great range of Beer, Wine, Spirits and Cocktails. If you have a drink of choice that we don’t usually keep, we will happily get it in for your event. 

1.Open Bar

Your guests are welcome to buy their own drinks using cash or EFTPOS facilities. 

2.Bar Tabs 

You can arrange to pay for your guest’s drinks with a Bar Tab. We have no minimum spend, and you can choose to have an OPEN TAB where all drinks are available for your guests to purchase, or a BASICS TAB range that we charge a flat rate of $9 per drink. The BASICS range includes a Sparkling, Sauvignon Blanc, Shiraz, Cider, Great Northern, Corona, XXXX Gold & James Boags Light. Staff will advise you once the Bar Tab is nearly reached. 


 Purchase an ‘Open’ or ‘Basics’ token prior to your event and hand your tokens to your guests who can redeem at the bar. This option is best when wanting to shout your guests ONE drink.

BYO drinks is strictly prohibited and any guests found to be consuming drinks not purchased at the bar will be asked to leave the premises. 


You will be contacted 3 days before your booked event to finalise your food & beverage choices.There is no need to provide this information beforehand. 

You are welcome to pay for your event beforehand or on the night, whatever is easiest for you! 


You have 30 minutes to set up prior to your event. We will be accommodating and flexible with this where possible to allow you more time, however this will all depend on other Functions booked, and WE DO NOT CLEAR THE ENTIRE BEER GARDEN OUT WHILE YOU SET UP.  Each Function is made aware of other Function start times etc. You are free to move furniture around, add your own special touches to the space, put photo boards up, bring in flowers, balloons etc. You must remove all your decorations and take your balloons with you when you leave. 

With no venue hire fee or cleaning fee, we simply ask that you respect the space, and make every attempt to leave it in the same condition as you found it.We have a 100% NO CONFETTI OR GLITTER policy. This also includes balloons with confetti or glitter inside them. In short, you can pretty much do whatever you like as long as you're respectful and then you take your bits 'n pieces home with you.


Stop stressing, and know that unless it's a surprise party, or a wedding, your guests are unlikely to all arrive at the same time, nor are they all likely to arrive at the ‘start’ time. If you arrive and there are people in the Beer Garden that are not part of your group, rest assured that they will have been informed that at some stage, when your guests are needing the space, they will need to leave. Our staff will take care of this, and we kindly ask you, and your guests to speak directly with us if you have any issues. Approaching someone in the Beer Garden that is not part of your group and asking them to leave makes us sad. Please don’t make us sad, because our job is to make everyone happy, and if you have trusted us with your special event, then you have to trust that we have taken care of EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE. 


We LOVE Music and believe it’s one of the most important elements of a good party! We would almost certainly have a Playlist that will suit your event, and can assure you that you and your guests will dance and sing to your hearts content! 

Due to noise restrictions outside, we can’t have live music in the Beer Garden. If you have your heart set on live music inside the bar, we can make this happen, but it is best to speak directly to us about it. 

UNDER 18’s

Minors are permitted to enter premises when with a responsible adult. There is no set time that minors are expected to leave whilst still in the company of a responsible adult. However, it is a bar, so parents/guardians need to be aware of what can occur in bar environments. 

Minors will not be served alcohol. Anyone obtaining alcoholic beverages for consumption by minors will be removed from the premises.

In accordance with the Liquor Act, and the responsible service of alcohol, all guests over the age of 18 years old must hold a valid form of identification. Management supports staff that practice and enforce ID checking. 


We don’t tolerate aggressive or antisocial behaviour from any patron, whether their behaviour is directed towards their own group, another public patron or staff. Approaching someone- verbally or phyiscally- in an alcohol fuelled environment is STUPID. Period. EVERY POSSIBLE SINGLE SITUATION CAN BE SOLVED IF YOU GO TO STAFF OR A SECURITY GUARD FIRST. THERE IS NEVER, EVER ANY EXCUSE, REASON OR JUSTIFICATION TO TAKE ANY MATTER INTO YOUR OWN HANDS. THIS GOES FOR THOSE WHO THINK THEY ARE JUST “HELPING” THE SITUATION. Anyone involved in physical violence of any degree will never be welcome at Cedar & Pine Bar again. If an incident happens on our premises, Security Guards will remove you and Police will have complete access to all incident reports and CCTV footage. 

Licensing laws prohibit liquor supply to disorderly, unduly intoxicated and underage persons. Patrons showing signs of undue intoxication or disorderly behaviour will be refused service and will be asked to leave the premises. Cedar & Pine Bar will not tolerate any harassment of patrons or staff of any kind, and offending patrons will be asked to leave.


If I haven't said it enough- please, please, stop stressing- I literally do enough stressing for all of us, so please trust that my priority is for you to relax and enjoy your celebration. I have done this whole Cedar & Pine thing for 8 years now, and I organise many, many functions every week. There is nothing that can happen, that will ‘ruin’ your special night, and if I am wrong, it will be a case of something that was never in my, or your control anyway. There will be plenty of food and drinks, you’ll be surrounded by happiness, the people that love you will show up and everything is going to be as it should be. My ‘thank you’ to you for choosing to celebrate your special occasion in my bar, is to make sure you have a celebration to remember forever. Mali x


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    Ph 0416 160 244


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